Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 12

Heya... Its week 12 already whoop whoop In my personal opinion 3rd year has to be the worst year in college. The lectures really did give us a load of work and project to do through out the whole was totally different from 1st and 2nd year!! There was no fun in college this year at all!!!

Since it is week 12 it means that next week is study week roll on study time in the library and fighting with people to get a desk ha ha !! REALLY Freakin about exams this year they are going to be so hard its not going to be funny.

Christmas is coming soon I have not even started my christmas shopping yet!! I love this time of year..believe it or not I even love the cold weather and the christmas songs on the radio!!! All I need now is snow on Christmas Morning!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone


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