Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 12

Heya... Its week 12 already whoop whoop In my personal opinion 3rd year has to be the worst year in college. The lectures really did give us a load of work and project to do through out the whole was totally different from 1st and 2nd year!! There was no fun in college this year at all!!!

Since it is week 12 it means that next week is study week roll on study time in the library and fighting with people to get a desk ha ha !! REALLY Freakin about exams this year they are going to be so hard its not going to be funny.

Christmas is coming soon I have not even started my christmas shopping yet!! I love this time of year..believe it or not I even love the cold weather and the christmas songs on the radio!!! All I need now is snow on Christmas Morning!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone


Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hey Guys!!!

Well its at the end of the week and we just got our exam timetable!!! Pr first whoop whoop. We have two exams on a Saturday which I am not happy about!! God third year really does suck in college its no more fun!!! All the projects have to be finished by this week coming can anyone help us with database??!!!!!!!!

On a better note went to see Twilight NEW Moon in the cinema it was brill!! I cant wait to start reading the books....everyone knows how the books are always better then the films!! When I was in the cinema watchin it some girl kept talkin and laughin the whole way through the film!! people like that drive me crazy!!

CIT Xmas day was on this week!! the loft was mental and everyone keep a eye out for the pics they will appear up on facebook soon hee hee



Monday, November 16, 2009

Nivs Grads


Well went to the graduation ball fri nite even tho it was not my ball ha ha o was a gud enough nite very sober by the end of it!!! Went to dinner wit Niamhs family nd it was lovely nd road trip to the hotel was the best ever ha ha

Watch the movie Twilight for the first time Sat nite I LOVE IT cant wait for the second one to come out on the 20th of November!!! Its gonna be a good one if E News is anything to go by!!!Also watched "17again" not as good tho nd yes it was a total movie weeknd by me!! The joys of stayin up in Cork for the weeknd!!!

XFactor was brill is week I have become a new fan of Queen and even the two twins I love the fact that they were not left sing in their chairty single a sign of pure talent!!!

It turns out that we have no college on wednesday cause all the lectures have to go to a meeting whoop whoop A full day of study of me or a full day of shoppin in town which one to go for!!????

Thats it for me now
C ya later!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey all...god only like 4 weeks left of college now whoop whoop then its christmas!!!
Finished the 3000 word essay last week thank god never doing that again...still workin on the PR project!!!
Got into the football League final dis weekend...beating Dr Crokes by 9 points which was brill roll on the session aganist South Kerry three finals in a row ha ha
Cant wait for CIT xmas day!!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hey....god this week sucks in college so depressed that my party is over(good times!!!)nd I have a load of work to do nd I havent started anything!!! I am so scared about the database exam nd the 3000 word essay thats all due in for Fri ha ha
The twins are still in the XFactor like what are people thinking???!!!! Rachel shouldnt have been voted out god dam Simon anyway!!!

IF any one Knows wot I have to write about in my web app essay plz let me know cheers

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Bank Holiday weekend!!!

Heya...Its the first day back from our lovely long weeknd it was great to have Monday off college ha ha I had a action packed weeknd I did 6km run for the local rugby club and hospital which I did it in 20mins(thanks Darren for doing the 40km cycle I owe you one) and there was also a 17 mile cycle for our own football which I was unable to take part in as I had to work but I did make it to the bar after for the "Refreshments"!!!
I only really started watchin X Factor dis weeknd too nd omg how did the twins get voted through but I do love their hair style!!!???

chat later!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We have jus been given our groups for the website!! whoop whoop let let the fun begin!! All the College work is begin to load up on us..MIS exam tomorrow which I havent opened a book for yet o well!!

I have jus a busy bank holiday weeknd ahead...Friday going shoppin,Sat morning I have to manage a U12 girls Soccer team and after that I have to do a mini marathon in kenmare and then on Sunday I am doing a Sponsored Cycle on Sunday for the Sneem/Kenmare Football team!! Which will be from Kenmare to Sneem.... Any one want to buy a line for 2 euro??
I think Monday I will be recoverin!!